Doha Tower - Ancient Islamic Design Architecture

Doha tower or in Arabic word, knows as Burj Doha, previously called as Burj Qatar and Doha Rise High Building. Located in the Chornice road in the centre of Doha city, including the Best Tall Building Worldwide based on CTBUH Skyscraper Award on October 18, 2012. It consist of 46 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground and total of whole floors about 110.000 meters. It has unique design as the first skyscraper and depict of local culture. It modern style is connect with ancient Islamic design.

Doha tower
Doha tower has interesting features inside which you can enjoy as one of favorite tourist place in Qatar. Those features are like high flexibillity in the distribution and division of offices, buffet room equipped with the nacessary apparatus, high tech air conditioning system, a comprehensive satelite TV system, restaurant at level 42 with panoramic views of Doha city and Corniche, all level contains two exit door, water outlite,hydraulic lift and walkway between the sunscreen and curtain walling. In addition, the walkway could be open to access the outside of the tower. Fire exit and fire escape methods using special lift.

Doha tower has also green areas landscape in absolutely unique design cover more than 40% of the land area and a vertical garden which is the first of its kind in the State of Qatar. As addition, it completed by easy system of accessing to the tower in which it also available in car parking area that accommodate 870 cars for the offices. What are really good tower system it is. So we just can using the lift to the main room of the tower from the parking area.

There are some main components  available there, as followa : public lobby is comprisses of reception area, offices, room for supervision and security on the ground, separated building of two floors for electicity station and cooling services, three basement floors for car parking and also equipped with fire alarm with automatic sprinkler system.
By those all complete system start from the access way to the tower, the facilities and its moderm system in all subject, we certainly will feel very exclussive. The tower provide good view from the inside by its indoor green lanscape area which we can get its natural atmosphere in the middle of modern room system. The islamic design as the reflextion is culture make us feel close to the Latin countries.
Doha tower

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