Porto Major Urban Place In Portugal

Porto PortugalPorto Portugal a.k.a Oporto is the 2nds largest city of Portugal. It has a population of 237, 583 and hence the city has become the 2nd major urban place in Portugal. It has an area of 16 square miles. However the urban area of Porto has a total population of approximately 1.3 million. The city is situated along the estuary of Douro River in the north of Portugal. The oldest European center –Porto- was being registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1996. The settlement in real started when it was a base of a Roman Empire. Among the famous exports include the fortified wine, port wine, which was named after Porto ever since the advent of metropolitan area and particularly the a degas Vila Nova de Gaia has been given the responsibility of the production and the export of the famous wine.

The most awaited event of the year is St. John also known as Sao Joao Festival which is being celebrated on the night of 23rd or 24th June. The tradition is to decorate any vase with scrub basil ornamented with any small poem. The dinner consists mainly of boiled potatoes and sardines along with the red wine.

Porto Portugal
Queima das Fitas is another popular and anticipated event of the Porto. It takes place on the first Sunday of the month of May and normally ends in the second Sunday of the month.

Another special and unique thing about the city is the series of concerts that takes place on the Queimodromo during all the nights of the week. This tradition takes place only for the students in their second-to-last year where they install tents. Wines are being sold during the show and a minimum of 50,000 community of student participate in these shows.

In 2012, Porto was being given the position of 4th best value destination by the Lonely Planet.

The city of Porto carries great significance in the architectural field. Porto School of Architecture is situated in Porto and the one of the best architectural schools in whole of Europe.

Porto Portugal Wonderful View

Porto Portugal Natural beauty

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