Gothenburg Sweden I'ts Popular By An Education And Academics

Gothenburg SwedenGothenburg is the 2nd largest city situated in Sweden and is the 5th largest in Nordic Countries. It has a population of approximately 528,015 with a total of 949,812 citizens in the metropolitan area. Gamma ranked Gothenburg as the global city by GaWC.

The city was founded in 1621 by the Royal Charter by the great King Gustayus Adolphus. The Port of Gothenburg is the greatest port when compared with other Nordic countries. The city is popular because of its excellence in education and academics. There are many universities that were founded in Gothenburg including the Chalmers University of Technology, Volvo and the University of Gothenburg. Gothenburg is also a major center in sports.

Goteborg International Film Festival was being held in Scandinavia along with many annual events since 1979. As many as 155,000 people visit Gothenburg each year. Even in summer, there are many music festivities that take place including the popular renowned Metaltown, Way Out West and Gothia Cup. The world largest football tournament also took place in Gothenburg with a total of 35,200 players where as many as 1567 teams participated in the match.
 Gothenburg Sweden a peaceful city

Forbes Magazine chose the city of Gothenburg as one of the top 10 amusement parks around the whole globe in the year 2005.

By just observing the industries, trade and the sea, the culture of Gothenburg can easily be figured out. Liseberg is the focal point of the city which attracts many visitors. In 2001, a public science center was being opened known as the Universeum which is the largest in the whole of Scandanavia. The museum is being divided into 6 portions each containing collection of insects, fish, reptiles and workshops. Every year, an International Science Festival is arranged ever since 1997 by showing and creating thought provoking science activities for the public. Every annum 100,000 people visit the festival, hence making it the largest ever science event in Sweden country and among the top largest science festivals in Europe.

The great architectural works can be seen by inspecting the construction of the Brudaremossen TV tower which is one of the very few remarkable inventions made by men.

Gothenburg Night time attraction


Gothenburg, The city is popular because of its excellence in education and academics, it's a 2nd largest city in Sweden

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