Marseilles France Largest Population Area In Paris

Marseilles France
Marseille is the city of France, second largest in population after Paris. It has a population of 853,000 and a total area that is being covered is about 93 sq miles. It is also known as antiquity. The urban area is extending even further more than length of city. It is situated at the southeast coast of France. It is popular as being the largest commercial port. If we consider the Mediterranean sea, along the coast, Marseille is the largest city of France. The people living in Marseilles are also known as Marseillais. It is the capital of the province Alpes Cote d’Azur region and also the capital of Bouches du Rhone department.
The port is home to many visitors with as much as 2.4 million people visiting each year. Be it the ancient history, architecture, beaches and colorful culture. Marseille is among those cities which are being visited most in France. It has been on eighty sixth position in world as a center for business tourism. World Water Forum was hosted in 2012 in Marseille. Many new parks, cinemas, clubs, restaurants, hotels, theaters, art galleries, public spaces, museums are being added to make the city even better place. 
Marseilles France

Marseilles France
The city is being watched from Notre Dame de la Garde which is the pedestrian zone of the city. The old harbor which is popularly known as Le vieux Port. The scenery can also be praised from Chateau and Frioul Island.
Notre Dame de la Garde is the church of the city. Old fishermen used to keep their boats in the church. There is also another access to church via tourist train, Vieux Port.
Similarly le Cours Julien and la plaine is a hangout area which has many cafes, fountains, playgrounds. It is the fashionable most area of Marseille. To see the perfect view of sea, a walkway and road is provided to enhance the vision.
Marseilles France
 Marseilles France At night view
Last but not the least; try the popular fish-based soup La bouillabaisse which is being served with la rouille and bread. Homemade la bouillabaisse is the best one. 


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  1. fir me The Abbaye St. Victor is very beautiful and a nice place to check out after you have seen other parts of Marseille. If you are only there for one day, I would say there are other more important sites to see. However, if you have a bit more time, it is a lovely place to check out full of history

  2. There are so many ports which are giving good service.In the top 10 biggest ports major ports are in China nearly seven and remaining three are in Netherlands and Singapore,South Korea.Port of Singapore is the 2nd biggest port which is able to handle 537.6million tones of cargo.

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