Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba A Historical Masjid In Spain

The Masjid of Cordoba is known as Mesquite Cathedral in Spanish, it is known locally as Masjid of Cordoba. In the 13th century it is converted to Christian cathedral. This structure was made by Abd ar-Raham, who was the Umayyad ruler, in 784-786, in the 9th and 10th centuries, at that time it was in double size, eventually this mosque become one of the biggest sacred buildings in the Islamic world.

Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba

The building ground plan was completed in a big rectangle, contains the measurement of 590 by 450 feet but little less measurement than St Peter Basilica, which is in Rome. By the court of Oranges, its one third of the area is over taken, on the north, east, south gallery surrounded towards it. On towards the south, you pass towards the courtyard whose roof is carry by forest of pillars which is made by a hard rock contain of crystals in a fine grained ground mass and with colored marbles as well. In the interior, it has 850 pillars, from north to south it has 19 and east to west corridor, it contains 29 with each row of pillar support with a horseshoe dome which is super imposed.

The most beautiful decoration in over the entire complex is found in third Nihrab which is a small octagonal roof with one block of white marble that is decorated in form of shell and has walls in the Bizana style mosaics in gold. From 1236, this mosque is served as a Christian cathedral, its Moorish character which means the style of Spanish architecture was altered in 16th century with lots of chapels surrounded by the sides of big quadrangle and a bell tower which is highly placed in the old minaret.

Cathedral Mosque Interior View

Over all it is the great Masjid which shows the ability of Muslim world m they had developed with architectural styles which are based on the pre existing regional traditions. It is an extra ordinary combination with the original, stylish vocabulary that even recognized as Islamic now. Over all it is one of the beautiful Masjid.

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